Alyson Voss

            Sometimes I think the only memories I have are those that I've created around photographs of me as a child.  maybe I'm creating  my own life.  I distrust any memories I do have.  they may be fictions, too.                  

        -Sally Mann

Photography, specifically conceptual photography, once my strongest form of artistic expression, has been on the backburner for the lst few years while I have pursued other mediums.

I have been re-exploring and examining my photographic roots.  when I finally gave photography a chance again, I started viewing my world a lot differently. 

in the past I focused on my obsessions with perception.   I have grown up as an artist and woman and can approach an idea from more than one direction.  I observe my surroundings with an in depth and open mind.  I am now able to use photography differently, as another creative tool that assists me in my desire to represent the world and community around me.